About Me

Hi, my name is Keith Wheeler. I’m a middle school teacher in the Northeastern Arizona area, and am the driving force behind Value Investing for Beginners.

Value Investing for Beginners is a blog focused on educating people on their retirements and how to take control of their financial future. With the vast number of issues that affect our lives it is imperative to understand that to 80% of working Americans their retirement and Social Security will not be enough to ensure they are living their best lives, financially and otherwise.


That is why I have created the Value Investing for Beginners blog.

The Professional Bio

Keith is a veteran educator having spent the last 14 years working in middle schools in the American Southwest. Having spent an equal number of years working in retail sales, customer service and retail management, Keith brings a unique view and skill set to the world of education.

The “Not-So-Professional” Bio

I’m a self-proclaimed professional learner. I talk about money issues A LOT on this blog and am a fledgling student when it comes to the world of value investing. Do I have credentials? You betcha!

Street Cred:

  • Lost $5,000 investing in a simple day trading and MLM schemes. That’s one way to learn!
  • Didn’t invest my emergency fund into Google stock that could have quite wealthy. Would-a, should-a, could-a!
  • And I’m pretty sure my family thinks I am nuts.

Okay, maybe that’s not the street cred you were looking for, but is an honest evaluation of where I am in life.

Being one that was late into the game of retirement planning (well, self-planning) I find it my passion to educate people in the ways to take back control of their financial future through the use of value investing and creating additional income streams. The one thing I wish I had more time to do this, or at least have thought of this 20 years ago, but regardless I can still make positive impacts on my financial future.

If you are interested in taking back your retirement and want to learn more about value investing and additional sources of income with me, you can visit links below to get started:

All the best,

Keith Wheeler